History Of Vestas Industrial Cooling Solutions

In 1972 the company Wacond was founded manufacturing cooling towers. In 1985 as part of a strategic business development project, Vestas aircoil acquired Wacond and due to an increasing demand for cooling towers Vestas Industrial Cooling was formed as a separate division in 2009.

By pursuing the knowledge of Wacond and with the continuous development and optimization of our product range, Vestas industrial cooling has become one of the leading cooling tower manufacturers in northern Europe.

Vestas industrial cooling operate from two major production sites, one in the city of Lem in Denmark, this is also the home to our Head Office, and our second production facility is located in Brasov Romania. Our Research, Technical and Quality departments are all located and managed from our Head Office in Denmark.

Cooling towers are a specialist heat exchanger, where latent heat is rejected from the water by contact between water and air and through the evaporation of a small part of the water that needs to be cooled. Thus allowing the process water to cool down to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature, this is a major advantage in comparison to dry coolers.

All of our cooling towers are designed to achieve the required capacity, to build and extend along with demand and adapt to space requirements, to meet or exceed all relevant design codes for ease of service and maintenance. Our ISO 9001, 2008 ensures high level of quality globally.

Who are Vestas Industrial Cooling?

For over 60 years Vestas have been providing solutions in Cooling

Vestas Industrial Cooling, a member of the VP Industries group of companies, specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of cooling towers. We offer a wide range of engineered & Innovative water-cooling solutions for industrial facilities and processes of all sizes.

Vestas Industrial Cooling was founded and developed with the expertise of Vestas Aircoil with the acquisition of Wacond Cooling and in 1985 and cooling towers were added to the company’s portfolio of industrial cooling solutions. Our induced counterflow range of cooling towers provide engineered solutions to all demanding processes, ranging from petrochemical and power to light engineering, HVAC and data centre cooling. Our modular range of cooling towers is designed to provide a solution and meet with all clients exacting requirements. As a manufacturer with our own in-house research and development facility we can ensure that our cooling towers meet with customers’ demands. In order to limit the impact of environmental noise our cooling towers can be designed with low noise fans, sound attenuation at both the air inlet and at the fan stack to minimise any noise pollution.

Vestas Industrial Cooling Towers, depending on size can be delivered ready assembled, part assembled or in knockdown form for ease of transport and installation. However, all towers can be designed to be constructed off-line minimising any disruption to process. Our cooling towers which are fabricated predominantly from GRP and steel offer a high efficient, low maintenance and corrosion resistant solution coupled with low annual running costs. Towers can be supplied with a wide range of heat transfer media suitable for all applications with low fouling anti-bacterial plastic media available.

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In order to ensure that client needs are met we clearly advise the impact on the environment such as performance, drift loss, noise level, etc. In order to prevent legionella, our cooling tower design follow the best industry practices and with the ever increasing demands of the HSE Document HSG274 guidance on cooling systems, Vestas Industrial Cooling Towers come with large access doors as standard in order to provide a full and safe means of access to the internals of the cooling tower for cleaning and maintenance making the Fill Pack, Drift Eliminators easily removed for cleaning and inspection. As part of our continued support to clients we provide a free inspection and evaluation of existing equipment with recommendations for improvements and enhancement of existing systems

Vestas Industrial Cooling are continuously striving to improve our products meeting the ongoing demands and requirements within the market place. Modern tools like CFD flow calculation and noise modulation are utilised in the development of our designs and field tests are undertaken to verify the results. Additionally several projects are currently underway and are ongoing with both national and international universities with a view to bringing new technology and products to industry and are a member of the CTI.

Our key areas of expertise cover but are not limited to;

  •         Design & manufacture of: Cooling Towers, Dry Cooling Systems,
  •         Turnkey solutions
  •         full in-house research and development centre
  •         Cost Optimisation & Evaluation of life cycle (ROI)
  •         Free Inspection of existing equipment & Recommendations
  •         Full Service & Refurbishment of existing equipment irrespective of brand or model
  •         Replacement & Spare Parts
  •         ACOP L8 Cleaning regimes Including Boroscopic photographing of Fill Pack
  •         Coverage throughout UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the rest of the world

At our in-house research facility we continuously strive to develop our cooling systems by working closely with our clients and leading European Universities to further improve water consumption, power consumption and sound issues in cooling towers. If you would like to discuss your own requirements, contact us today.

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